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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?


Instructions for Changing Background Colors in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Access


Computer monitors that are too bright may cause eye strain. Most applications have white backgrounds, and are very bright.


It's often possible to choose a different background color for an application.



·        Some pages may not display or print correctly if the background colors are changed.

·        Some background colors may make text or gridlines difficult to see. However, it's often possible to change the color of the text and gridlines.


Changing the Colors of Microsoft Windows

·                    Right click on your desktop

·                    Left click 'Properties'

·                    Click the 'Appearance' tab

·                    Left click on "Window Text"

·                    You can now choose a new color for the Window Background and the Window Text

·                    Once you're done hit 'Enter' or click the 'OK' button.


Changing the Colors of Internet Explorer

Some web pages will not display correctly if you choose a new background color.

·                    Click the 'Tools' menu

·                    Click 'Internet Options'

·                    Click the 'Accessibility' button at the button

·                    Select the option "Ignore colors specified on web pages”

·                    Click the 'OK' button

·                    Next, click the 'Colors' button

·                    Click on the Color Selection boxes to select new colors for your text and background.

·                    Once you've selected your colors click the 'OK' buttons or press 'Enter'


Changing the Colors of Access

In Access you have the option to change the colors of datasheets. Datasheets are used when editing tables or running queries. If you choose a gray background you may also have to also change the color of the gridlines so they are visible.

·                    Click the 'Tools' menu

·                    Click 'Options'

·                    Click the 'Datasheet' tab. You can now select a new color for the Font, Background or Gridlines.

·                    Once you're done click 'OK' or hit 'Enter'.


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